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Khadija Ali is an experienced and highly talented Celebrity Makeup Artist who has been freelancing for over five years.


In 2014 she obtained a level 3 diploma in Theatrical, Media and Special Effects hair and makeup at leading makeup school, West Thames College in London. In addition, the experience of working alongside and training with highly accredited celebrity makeup artist Zukreat in 2013, allowed her to explore her skills, fine tuning and developing them.


Khadija worked for three years with leading makeup brand, MAC Cosmetics, whom she collaborated with at IMATS in June of 2016. While working at MAC she was able to build up her clientele on the side and once her services became more sought after she left to build up her brand.


To date, her work has been showcased in such publications as Wonderland (2017), Black Hair (2017), LoveBite (2017), Pride magazine (2014), Creme De La Bride magazine (2015) and was published in popular print magazine Dreamingless (2016) three times.  

With skills spanning from wedding makeup, to high fashion makeup for magazine shoots, each job is completed with efficiency, passion and dedication. Her ability to understand and work with each client’s brief with special care and professionalism, allows her to create high quality work every time.

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